Tutoring takes place in one of two designated rooms designed with your child’s education in mind. There are student desks, portable devices, an interactive screen and numerous paper-based and technical learning resources.

Lessons include a range of teaching styles and methodologies allowing students to learn through teacher-led, individual, paired and group activities. Students are challenged through the planning of differentiated activities, learning objectives and clearly focused learning outcomes. Parents receive a half-termly report on their child’s progress with strengths and targets. Homework is set regularly to underpin the relevance of independent learning.

The importance of learning at home cannot be stressed enough. Please spend time listening to your child read- encourage your child to read widely including everyday texts such as newspapers,  inspire your child to write both imaginatively and in a more functional format. Reading and writing go hand-in-hand with transferable skills, so dedicated time for this is essential. Challenge your child to learn their times tables, add up the food bill, work out how much each person pays for their meal when the bill is divided. Let’s make numeracy fun.