We support pupils through a fully bespoke learning programme that will develop their learning with confidence and independence. We teach literacy skills including a focus on varied punctuation, spelling, using mature vocabulary, grammar and crafting sentences and paragraphs for effect. We use prose, drama and poetry texts to stimulate learning and an appreciation of how language is used effectively, while developing their personalised understanding and interpretations.


In line with the new curriculum, KS3 Maths is taught as a journey towards GCSE Maths to fully equip pupils with the skills and knowledge to  ensure they reach their learning potential at the end of Year 11. We aim to develop pupil’s ability to reason logically, learn a range of mathematical skills and techniques and use them in problem solving contexts. It will have a focus on functional maths skills to allow pupils an understanding of how maths is relevant in everyday life, society, the world of work and other disciplines

Tutoring will be fun yet functional with meaningful teaching strategies employed. Maths is a creative discipline that provides the reinforcement for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically and to inspire curiosity.